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Recreate or Personalize a Favorite Design

If you show us a picture of sketch of the design you’d like, we can recreate your favorite headboard look. Because each piece is custom made, we can even modify the picture you show us, so that you get a personalized product. Instead of merely looking around at a showcase and choosing from what’s already made, you have a multitude of designs available from nearly any source. Our craftspeople have the experience to construct nearly any style of headboard, and adjust your vision to fit your bed frame.

Whatapps your images / size of what you need to +65 90305057 now., our upholster will advice you on how to create your dream headboard.

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The Rattan Trend - how to incorporate this into your home

The Rattan Trend – Bohemian Style

Bohemian style interiors are eclectic and relaxed with interesting patterns, textures and colours all jostling for attention.  This is a look where nothing should match and the pieces included should each tell a story and have some personal meaning.  Therefore, the texture of a rattan piece is perfect for this style.  Include a one-off chair or sofa in rattan to instantly introduce a relaxed element to the room.

A rattan chair in a gorgeous flower pattern will be perfect for a Bohemian style room.  Remember that this look is all about individuality and quirkiness.