About Us

As a direct manufacturer, we eliminate unnecessary costs that retail stores must compensate for by charging higher. Our workshop location costs a fraction of that per square foot a month and since we are only open to the public by appointment, utilities are low too. With expenses at a fraction of the price of other retailers, we deliver better value for high quality products. The price you pay is for the actual items and not for extravagant displays or expenses.

We have a vast collection of eclectic pieces, ranging from traditional to contemporary styles. Our comprehensive collections allows dedicated home-owners to choose from different styles, textures and colours. Whether your style rides into the traditional lines or the more modern and minimalist style. Furniture are, essentially, individualistic pieces that come together to complement your lifestyle. At Centrepiece, lifestyle is a culture. We inculcate this belief into our collection.

Centrepiece caters to all ideas. Our customised made-to-order sofa and upholstery services come direct from our factory. Receive from our reliable and quality workmanship with the highest assurance. Many have benefitted from using our services, and if you do not know about us yet. Perhaps it is time you get into our circle of friends who have benefitted from us. Speak to us now.

Yours sincerely,

Vince Chiang

Text 9030 5057 or email us for an appointment at our workshop.



To fulfill the home decor needs of our customers through our range of furniture and products.

Email any feedback to : justin(AT)centrepiece.com.sg