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Return Policy

We are proud to offer quality products with great value to our customers. Merchandise received in good condition is not returnable or cancellable. No refunds are available. However, we take extra care to earn your referral. So speak to us and we will be flexible in making arrangement that will satisfy your needs as much as possible.

All furniture is thoroughly inspected at several key points in our preparation and delivery process to make sure it is received in good condition. If you have chosen to pick your furniture up yourself from one of our showrooms, we encourage you to inspect the item before you take possession.

In the rare occurrence that an item arrives damaged on delivery or is otherwise damaged before your possession, please notify the delivery team or a customer care representative of the damage. For furniture, arrangements will be made for a qualified repair technician to come to your home and correct the damage. For home décor, arrangements will be made to exchange the item.

Please note: we reserve the right to repair or replace your furniture as deemed necessary and solely at our discretion.

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