PureSense Handy Sanitiser by AVIAIR – new innovation for your families future


Make your own handy Sanitiser in under 10 minutes using just salt and water

Can be used as a Disinfectant – Household Bleach – Alcohol Gel

100% natural disinfectant and friendly to the environment

Use on any surfaces EVEN food and children’s toys

Clean your shopping once you get back home

Never run out of sanitiser again!


Handy Sanitiser

Electrolyzed Oxidizing Water

Ready in just 10 minutes!

Safe & Environmentally Friendly

Use only tap water and salt to produce more effective disinfectant than rubbing alcohol and household bleach

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PureSense Handy Sanitiser by AVIAIR new innovation for your families future


A Secret to be Told

With water and salt mixed together to go through Electrolyzed Oxidizing Process. A natural ingredient called Hypochlorous Acid is formed. In human bodies, white blood cells already contain trace amounts of this Hypochlorous Acid. When bacteria intrude our bodies, white blood cells will activate the defence system to resist foreign pathogens by actively engulfing these pathogens. Hypochlorous acid can be said as nature’s own disinfectant.

In neutrophils, myeloperoxidase and hydrogen peroxide (H202) work together to react with chloride ions to produce hypochlorous acid. Cells us O2 and covert it to hydrogen peroxide (H202), using mitochondrial membrane-bound NADPH enzyme. Myeloperoxidase then catalyzes the reaction between H202 and CI- to form HOCI.

EWO Handy Sanitizer (Hypochlorous Acid) VS Rubbing Alcohol Conventional Disinfectant

No irritation Smell & Non- Harmful to Skin

Due to hypochlorous acid disinfectant solutions being highly biocompatible, it is totally safe to our environment as the end product becomes to be just water H20 without residues. You can practically make this effective disinfectant at any time anywhere.

Rubbing alcohol is highly volatile to make sterilization for very short time and also to easily take away surface moisture making the skin dry.

Conventional household disinfectant can be very irritating to human’s mucous membranes, eyes and skin, especially if inhaled to cause adverse reactions.

Hypochlorous Acid Effectively K ills Germs

Our disinfectant solution has been certified by Microbiological Analysis and Testing Centre to achieve bacteria kill rate of 99.99%

  • Extremely effective to sterilize, deodorize, and to remove pesticides from fruits and vegetables.
  • Harmless to human skin, the choice over irritating rubbing alcohol and tradition disinfectant.
  • Ideal for daily cleansing and sterilization during flu season.

How to make hypochlorous acid disinfectant solution

  • Add 400ml of water then 1g of salt shake well to mix
  • Place bottle on wireless power supply base to activate electrolyzed oxidizing process
  • Blue light on/off to indicate electrolyzed oxidization is started/complete
  • Clean and disinfect around the house, even fruits and vegetables

How to use correctly

Spray 1-2 times on surfaces

 The main ingredient of hypochlorous water is weak hypochlorous acid (HPCL), which can remove 99.99% of common bacteria and viruses in the environment within 5 seconds.

  • Effectively reduce infection risk
  • Mild and non-irritating
  • No heavy metal residues

Can be used on kid’s toys, smart phones, pet areas, bed linin handles and bathroom

Product Specifications

Product:               Electrolyzed Oxidizing Water Handy Sanitizer

Model:                 AVS-191A

Capacity:              400ml

Material:              Food Grade ABS / PC/ Silicone

Power Supply:     Wireless Magnetic Induction

Powder:               DC 5V 2A

Wattage:              8W

Dimensions:        81mm x 81mm x 277mm (with base)

Dimensions:        81mm x 81mm x 264mm (without base)

Weight:                352g (with base)

Weight:                280g (without base)

Includes:              EOW Handy Sanitizer / Wireless Magnetic Induction Base measuring  Spoon / Instruction Manual

Weight 352 kg
Dimensions 81 × 81 × 277 cm